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Privacy Policy

At Kivalia, we value your privacy as we value our own. We do not ask for any personal information such as your full name, your social security number or any private information regarding your investment or bank accounts. As such our tools cannot be used in any malicious way in that respect. We explicitly will not sell or market any of your information to any third party; and because we do not collect such information from them, we simply cannot do so.

Maintaining your trust and privacy is our top concern, so we adhere to the following principles to protect you and your private information:

The services provided by Kivalia web services, can not be used to exchange funds and money from bank and investment accounts. Neither you or anybody else can use the information you share with us to transfer funds in any way.

Personal information collected

We collect information:

Use of personal information

We use the information you provide to:


If you have any question regarding our privacy policy and practices, please feel free to contact us