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401k, 403b plan

Los Angeles Bio Medical Research Institute TDA Plan

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Plan was created by kivalia on 2/20/2012.
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comment plan kivalia 2/20/2012 10:52:51 PM
TIAA Traditional: this is a stable value fund. We''d proxy it with USCASH. CREF Stock & CREF Global Equities: these two funds seem to have a similar benchmark and are both global funds, so I'm not sure we need two options in there. We'd proxy it with VTWSX. CREF Growth: the benchmark for this is the Russell 1000G index. We'd proxy it with TLIIX. CREF Equity Index: the benchmark for this is the Russell 3000 index. We'd proxy it with TIEIX. TIAA Real Estate - We'd proxy it with VGSNX which is an REIT Index.

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