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401k, 403b plan

Transalta Retirement Savings Plan

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Plan was created by russell_page on 6/28/2014.
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The investment options available to you through the plan have changed? Add or remove any here and get up-to-date advice:

Fidelity Freedom K 2050 FundFFKHXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Fidelity Freedom K 2045 FundFFKGXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Fidelity Freedom K 2040 FundFFKFXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Fidelity Freedom K 2030 FundFFKEXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Fidelity Freedom K 2020 FundFFKDXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Fidelity Freedom K 2010 FundFFKCXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Fidelity Freedom K 2005 FundFFKVXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Fidelity Freedom K 2000FFKBXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Fidelity Balanced Fund Class KFBAKXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
American Beacon Small Cap Value Fund Class InstitutionalAVFIXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
Rainier Small/Mid Cap Equity Fund Institutional SharesRAISXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
Fidelity Extended Market Index Fund Premium ClassFSEVXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Fidelity 500 Index Fund Premium ClassFUSVXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014
Perkins Mid Cap Value Fund Class IJMVAXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
MFS Value Fund Class R4MEIJXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
Morgan Stanley Institutional Fund, Inc. International Equity Portfolio Class IMSIQXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Fund Institutional ClassRPMIXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
Fidelity Government Money Market FundSPAXXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
US Cash / Money MarketUSCASHwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
Fidelity Contrafund Fund Class KFCNKXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
Fidelity Dividend Growth Fund Class KFDGKXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
Fidelity Diversified International Fund Class KFDIKXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
Fidelity Growth Company Fund Class KFGCKXwas added by russell_page6/28/2014Remove
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Plan Transactions

This section details the different updates made to the plan over time, such as when new investment options become available, etc...
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