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Plan Funds

This section shows the list of assets (such as mutual funds) in the plan; these are the investment options available in this plan. This list was developed based on user input. The display of the asset list was organized based on asset category. You can click on the name or ticker symbol to view the details of that asset.
The table shows all the available investment options in the plan.

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NameTickerRatingBest Fit CategoryRisk (%)Fees
U.S. Equities - Blend     
Global X SuperIncome Preferred ETFSPFFB++U.S. Mid Cap12fund risk0.58%
Cambria Global Asset Allocation ETFGAAA++U.S. Mid Cap13fund risk0%
Hull Tactical US ETFHTUSAU.S. Large Cap19fund risk0%
Reality Shares DIVCON Leaders Dividend ETFLEADDU.S. Large Cap21fund risk0%
American Customer Satisfaction Core Alpha ETFACSIBU.S. All Cap22fund risk0%
Cambria Value and Momentum ETFVAMOB++U.S. Micro Cap27fund risk0%
U.S. Equities - Growth     
Cambria Global Momentum ETFGMOMA++U.S. Micro Cap - Growth12fund risk0%
Reality Shares DIVCON Dividend Defender ETFDFNDF--U.S. Large Cap - Growth12fund risk0%
U.S. Equities - Value     
Global X SuperDividend Alternatives ETFALTYD++U.S. Mid Cap - Value24fund risk0%
Global SuperDividend US ETFDIVB++U.S. Mid Cap - Value25fund risk0.45%
Cambria Shareholder Yield ETFSYLDA++U.S. Small Cap - Value35fund risk0%
Global X MLP & Energy Infrastructure ETFMLPXA++U.S. All Cap - Value36fund risk0%
Global X SuperDividend REIT ETFSRETF++U.S. Mid Cap - Value40fund risk0%
Global X MLP ETFMLPAA++U.S. Small Cap - Value41fund risk0.47%
ETFS Gold TrustSGOLC--Gold17fund risk0.39%
ETFS Physical Precious Metal Basket SharesGLTRA--Gold23fund risk0.6%
ETFS Physical Silver SharesSIVRA--Gold42fund risk0.45%
Global & Intl. Equity     
Global X Next Emerging & Frontier ETFEMFMBPacific ex-Japan17fund risk0%
Cambria Emerging Shareholder Yield ETFEYLDA++International Small Cap18fund risk0%
Cambria Global Value ETFGVALB+International Large Cap - Value22fund risk0%
Global X MSCI SuperDividend Emerging Markets ETFSDEMBPacific ex-Japan22fund risk0%
Cambria Foreign Shareholder Yield ETFFYLDA+International Large Cap - Value24fund risk0%
Global X SuperDividend ETFSDIVA+International Large Cap - Value25fund risk0.58%
ETFS Platinum TrustPPLTA++International Small Cap32fund risk0.6%
ETFS Physical Palladium SharesPALLF++International Small Cap35fund risk0.6%
US Cash / Money MarketUSCASHCU.S. Cash / Money Market0fund risk0%
Cambria Sovereign Bond ETFSOVBF+Bond - U.S. Municipals19fund risk0%
   Other0fund risk0%
   Other0fund risk0%
   Other0fund risk0%
   Other0fund risk0%
   Other0fund risk0%
   Other0fund risk0%
Global X Permanent ETFPERM Other0fund risk0.48%
   Other0fund risk0%
   Other0fund risk0%
Global X Junior MLP ETFMLPJ Other0fund risk0.81%
Global X Guru Activist Index ETFACTX Other0fund risk0%
OShares FTSE Asia Pacific Quality Dividend Hedged ETFOAPH Other0fund risk0%
O Shares FTSE Asia Pacific Quality Dividend ETFOASI Other0fund risk0%
O Shares FTSE Europe Quality Dividend Hedged ETFOEUH Other0fund risk0%
O Shares FTSE Europe Quality Dividend ETFOEUR Other0fund risk0%
O Shares FTSE US Quality Dividend ETFOUSA Other0fund risk0%
Reality Shares DIVS Exchange-Traded FundDIVY Other0fund risk0%
Reality Shares DIVCON Dividend Guard ETFGARD Other0fund risk0%
Dhandho Junoon ETFJUNE Other0fund risk0%
Eaton Vance NextShares TrustEVSTC Other0fund risk0%
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