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Plan Funds

This section shows the list of assets (such as mutual funds) in the plan; these are the investment options available in this plan. This list was developed based on user input. The display of the asset list was organized based on asset category. You can click on the name or ticker symbol to view the details of that asset.
The table shows all the available investment options in the plan.

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NameTickerRatingBest Fit CategoryRisk (%)Fees
U.S. Equities - Blend     
SPDR Blackstone / GSO Senior Loan ETFSRLNBU.S. Mega Cap1fund risk0.9%
WisdomTree CBOE S&P 500 PutWrite Strategy FundPUTWDU.S. Large Cap10fund risk0%
JPMorgan Diversified Return US Equity ETFJPUSD-U.S. Mid Cap11fund risk0%
Deutsche X-trackers Russell 1000 Enhanced Beta ETFDEUSC-U.S. Mid Cap11fund risk0%
SPDR MSCI ACWI Low Carbon Target ETFLOWCFU.S. Large Cap11fund risk0%
Guggenheim Defensive Equity ETFDEFCU.S. Large Cap11fund risk0.65%
WisdomTree Dynamic Long/Short U.S. Equity FundDYLSB-U.S. Mid Cap11fund risk0%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight ETFRSPC-U.S. Mid Cap12fund risk0.4%
Schwab U.S. Mid-Cap ETFSCHMB-U.S. Mid Cap12fund risk0.07%
John Hancock Multifactor Large Cap ETFJHMLDU.S. All Cap12fund risk0%
John Hancock Multifactor Mid Cap ETFJHMMD-U.S. Mid Cap12fund risk0%
SPDR SSGA Gender Diversity Index ETFSHEBU.S. All Cap12fund risk0%
JPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Small Cap Equity ETFJPSEBU.S. Small Cap12fund risk0%
Schwab US Broad Market ETFSCHBCU.S. All Cap12fund risk0.06%
Schwab US Large-Cap ETFSCHXCU.S. Large Cap12fund risk0.04%
Global X Conscious Companies ETFKRMABU.S. All Cap12fund risk0%
SPDR MSCI USA Quality Mix ETFQUSCU.S. Large Cap12fund risk0%
Direxion All Cap Insider Sentiment SharesKNOWD-U.S. Mid Cap12fund risk0.65%
SPDR Prt Mid Cp ShsSPMDCU.S. Small Cap12fund risk0%
SPDR S&P Fossil Fuel Reserves Free ETFSPYXCU.S. Large Cap12fund risk0%
WisdomTree US Dividend Growth FundDGRWCU.S. Large Cap13fund risk0%
SPDR MSCI ACWI IMI ETF USACIMFU.S. Large Cap13fund risk0.25%
Schwab US Small-Cap ETFSCHACU.S. Small Cap13fund risk0.09%
SPDR S&P 400 Mid CapGrowth ETFMDYGC-U.S. Mid Cap13fund risk0.25%
SPDR Russell 1000 Momentum Focus ETFONEOF-U.S. Mid Cap13fund risk0%
John Hancock Multifactor Consumer Discretionary ETFJHMCB-U.S. Mid Cap13fund risk0%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Top 50 ETFXLGCU.S. Mega Cap13fund risk0.2%
SPDR S&P 600 Small Cap Growth ETFSLYGAU.S. Small Cap14fund risk0.25%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Healthcare ETFRYHBU.S. Large Cap14fund risk0.5%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Industrials ETFRGIC-U.S. Mid Cap14fund risk0.5%
John Hancock Multifactor Industrials ETFJHMIB-U.S. Mid Cap15fund risk0%
PowerShares S&P 500 High Beta Port ETFSPHBD-U.S. Mid Cap16fund risk0.25%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2019 High Yield Corporate Bond ETFBSJJCU.S. Large Cap2fund risk0.43%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2020 High Yield Corporate Bond ETFBSJKCU.S. Large Cap3fund risk0.43%
PowerShares Fundamental High Yield Corporate Bond PortfolioPHBCU.S. All Cap3fund risk0.5%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2021 High Yield Corporate Bond ETFBSJLBU.S. Mega Cap3fund risk0%
DBX ETF Shs Deutsche X-trackers USD High Yield Corp BondHYLBCU.S. Large Cap3fund risk0%
PIMCO 0-5 Year High Yield Corporate Bond Index Exchange-Traded FundHYSBU.S. Large Cap3fund risk0.55%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2023 High Yield Corporate Bond ETFBSJNCU.S. Mega Cap3fund risk0%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2022 High Yield Corporate Bond ETFBSJMCU.S. Large Cap3fund risk0%
WisdomTree BofA Merrill Lynch High Yield Bond Zero Duration FundHYZDBU.S. Mega Cap4fund risk0%
IndexIQ ETF Trust - IQ Hedge Multi-Strategy Tracker ETFQAIDU.S. Large Cap4fund risk0.75%
Guggenheim Bullet Shares 2024 High Yield Corporate Bond ETFBSJOCU.S. Large Cap4fund risk0%
Claymore Tr Shs Guggenheim BulletShares 2025 High Yield Crp BdBSJPCU.S. All Cap4fund risk0%
SPDR SSgA Global Allocation ETFGALDU.S. Large Cap9fund risk0.04%
JPMorgan Diversified Return U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETFJPMEB-U.S. Mid Cap10fund risk0%
U.S. Equities - Growth     
SPDR Barclays Convertible Securities ETFCWBF++U.S. All Cap - Growth10fund risk0%
Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETFSCHGC++U.S. Large Cap - Growth13fund risk0.07%
PowerShares DWA Momentum PortfolioPDPC+U.S. Mid Cap - Growth14fund risk0.64%
SPDR MFS Systematic Growth Equity ETFSYGF++U.S. Large Cap - Growth14fund risk0.6%
Powershares Dynamic Media PortfolioPBSD++U.S. All Cap - Growth14fund risk0.62%
Guggenheim S&P Midcap 400 Pure Growth ETFRFGF+U.S. Mid Cap - Growth14fund risk0.35%
Direxion NASDAQ 100 Equal Weighted Index SharesQQQEF++U.S. All Cap - Growth15fund risk0.35%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Growth ETFRPGF++U.S. All Cap - Growth15fund risk0.35%
Guggenheim S&P Smallcap 600 Pure Growth ETFRZGB+U.S. Small Cap - Growth16fund risk0.35%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Technology ETFRYTD++U.S. All Cap - Growth16fund risk0.5%
PowerShares DWA SmallCap Momentum PortfolioDWASC+U.S. Small Cap - Growth17fund risk0.6%
John Hancock Multifactor Technology ETFJHMTF++U.S. All Cap - Growth17fund risk0%
Wilshire Micro-Cap ETFWMCRA+U.S. Micro Cap - Growth28fund risk0.5%
SPDR Dorsey Wright Fixed Income Allocation ETFDWFIF++U.S. All Cap - Growth5fund risk0%
U.S. Equities - Value     
PowerShares S&P 500 Low Volatility PortfolioSPLVB--U.S. Mid Cap - Value10fund risk0.25%
SPDR S&P 500 High Dividend ETFSPYDB--U.S. Mid Cap - Value10fund risk0%
Guggenheim S&P Global Water Index ETFCGWD--U.S. Mid Cap - Value11fund risk0.7%
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Broad Market Index ETFFNDBA--U.S. All Cap - Value11fund risk0.32%
SPDR Russell 1000 Low Volatility Focus ETFONEVC--U.S. Large Cap - Value11fund risk0%
Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Value ETFSCHVC--U.S. Large Cap - Value12fund risk0.07%
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Large Company IndexFNDXA--U.S. Large Cap - Value12fund risk0.32%
SPDR S&P 400 Mid Cap Value ETFMDYVB--U.S. Mid Cap - Value12fund risk0.25%
ALPS Sector Dividend Dogs ETFSDOGC--U.S. All Cap - Value12fund risk0.4%
SPDR. MFS Systematic Core Equity ETFSYEA--U.S. Large Cap - Value12fund risk0.6%
Oppenheimer Ultra Dividend Revenue ETFRDIVA--U.S. Mid Cap - Value12fund risk0%
Schwab Fundamental U.S. Small Company IndexFNDAB-U.S. Small Cap - Value12fund risk0.32%
Oppenheimer Large Cap Revenue ETFRWLB--U.S. Large Cap - Value12fund risk0.49%
Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted ETF Trust Oppenheimer ESG Revenue ETFESGLA--U.S. Large Cap - Value12fund risk0%
Schwab US Dividend Equity ETFSCHDA--U.S. Large Cap - Value12fund risk0.07%
John Hancock Multifactor Healthcare ETFJHMHA--U.S. Large Cap - Value12fund risk0%
PowerShares Buyback Achievers PortfolioPKWC--U.S. All Cap - Value13fund risk0.66%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Consumer Staples ETFRHSD--U.S. Mid Cap - Value13fund risk0.5%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Pure Value ETFRPVC--U.S. All Cap - Value13fund risk0.35%
John Hancock Multifactor Consumer Staples ETFJHMSD--U.S. Mid Cap - Value13fund risk0%
SPDR MFS Systematic Value Equity ETFSYVB--U.S. Large Cap - Value13fund risk0.6%
Oppenheimer Mid Cap Revenue ETFRWKC--U.S. Mid Cap - Value13fund risk0.54%
WisdomTree U.S. SmallCap Dividend Growth FundDGRSB-U.S. Small Cap - Value13fund risk0%
SPDR S&P 600 Small CapValue ETFSLYVB-U.S. Small Cap - Value13fund risk0.25%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Consumer Discretionary ETFRCDA--U.S. Mid Cap - Value14fund risk0.5%
Guggenheim S&P SmallCap 600 Equal Weight ETFEWSCA-U.S. Small Cap - Value14fund risk0%
Indexiq ETF Tr Shs IQ Chaikin U.S. Small Cap FundCSMLF-U.S. Small Cap - Value14fund risk0%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Materials ETFRTMD--U.S. Mid Cap - Value14fund risk0.5%
Oppenheimer Small Cap Revenue ETFRWJB-U.S. Small Cap - Value15fund risk0.54%
Guggenheim S&P Midcap 400 Pure Value ETFRFVC-U.S. Small Cap - Value15fund risk0.35%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Financials ETFRYFF--U.S. Mega Cap - Value15fund risk0.5%
John Hancock Multifactor Financials ETFJHMFF--U.S. Mega Cap - Value16fund risk0%
Guggenheim S&P Smallcap 600 Pure Value ETFRZVC-U.S. Small Cap - Value16fund risk0.35%
Alerian Energy Infrastructure ETFENFRD--U.S. Mid Cap - Value16fund risk0%
Global X MLP & Energy Infrastructure ETFMLPXB--U.S. Mid Cap - Value18fund risk0%
Direxion Zacks MLP High Income SharesZMLPB--U.S. Mid Cap - Value19fund risk0%
Global X MLP ETFMLPAB--U.S. Mid Cap - Value20fund risk0.47%
IQ Merger Arbitrage ETFMNAB-U.S. Small Cap - Value5fund risk0.75%
SPDR SSgA Income Allocation ETFINKMD--U.S. Mid Cap - Value6fund risk0.35%
Guggenheim Multi-Asset Income ETFCVYC--U.S. Mid Cap - Value10fund risk0.65%
SPDR Dow Jones Global Real Estate ETFRWOB--U.S. Real Estate11fund risk0.5%
ETFS Physical Precious Metal Basket SharesGLTRD--Gold11fund risk0.6%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Utilities ETFRYUA--U.S. Real Estate13fund risk0.5%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Real Estate ETFEWREA--U.S. Real Estate13fund risk0%
John Hancock Multifactor Utilities ETFJHMUB--U.S. Real Estate14fund risk0%
Schwab U.S. REIT ETFSCHHA--U.S. Real Estate14fund risk0.07%
ETFS Physical Silver SharesSIVRF--Gold17fund risk0.45%
ETFS Platinum TrustPPLTF--Gold17fund risk0.6%
John Hancock Multifactor Energy ETFJHMEA++Commodities20fund risk0%
Guggenheim S&P 500 Equal Weight Energy ETFRYEC++Commodities21fund risk0.5%
PowerShares Global Gold and Precious Metals PortfolioPSAUF--Gold21fund risk0%
Sprott Gold Miners ETFSGDMF--Gold23fund risk0%
PowerShares Preferred PortfolioPGXC--U.S. Real Estate4fund risk0.5%
SPDR Wells Fargo Preferred Stock ETFPSKC--U.S. Real Estate4fund risk0.45%
Global X Shs US Preferred FundPFFDB--U.S. Real Estate4fund risk0%
SPDR Barclays International Treasury Bond ETFBWXC--Gold5fund risk0.5%
WT Mngd Fut Stg ShsWTMFC++Commodities6fund risk0%
SPDR Barclays Short Term International Treasury Bond ETFBWZC--Gold6fund risk0.35%
WisdomTree Bloomberg U.S. Dollar Bullish FundUSDUB--Gold6fund risk0%
CurrencyShares Swiss Franc TrustFXFC--Gold7fund risk0.41%
SPDR Barclays International Corporate Bond ETFIBNDC--Gold8fund risk0.55%
WisdomTree Continuous Commodity Index FundGCCF++Commodities9fund risk1.05%
Wrld Crrnc Gld Shs of Benef Interest Long Dollar Gold TrustGLDWD--Gold10fund risk0%
PowerShares Chinese Yuan Dim Sum Bond PortfolioDSUMD--Gold10fund risk0.45%
ETFS Gold TrustSGOLD--Gold10fund risk0.39%
Global & Intl. Equity     
Guggenheim BulletShares 2018 Corporate Bond ETFBSCIB--Japan1fund risk0.25%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2018 High Yield Corporate Bond ETFBSJIB--International Large Cap1fund risk0.42%
SPDR S&P Global Infrastructure ETFGIID--International Large Cap10fund risk0.5%
SPDR S&P Global Dividend ETFWDIVC--International Large Cap - Growth10fund risk0%
WisdomTree Dynamic Currency Hedged International Equity FundDDWMA--International Large Cap10fund risk0%
SPDR Dow Jones International Real Estate ETFRWXD--International Large Cap - Growth10fund risk0.59%
JPMorgan Diversified Return International Currency Hedged ETFJPIHC--Japan10fund risk0%
JPMorgan Diversified Return Global Equity ETFJPGEB--International Large Cap - Growth11fund risk0%
WisdomTree International Hedged Dividend Growth FundIHDGB--International Large Cap - Growth11fund risk0%
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI All World ex US Hedged Equity FundDBAWB--International Large Cap - Growth11fund risk0%
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI EAFE Hedged Equity FundDBEFA--International Large Cap11fund risk0.35%
Deutsche X-trackers FTSE Developed ex U.S. Enhanced Beta ETFDEEFD--International Large Cap - Growth11fund risk0%
IQ 50 Percent Hedged FTSE Europe ETFHFXEA--Europe11fund risk0%
Schwab Fundamental International Small Cap Company indexFNDCD--International Large Cap - Growth11fund risk0.46%
PowerShares International Dividend Achievers PortfolioPIDA--International Large Cap11fund risk0.54%
SPDR MSCI EAFE Quality Mix ETFQEFAC--International Large Cap - Growth11fund risk0%
WisdomTree Europe Hedged SmallCap Equity FundEUSCC--International Large Cap - Growth11fund risk0%
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI All World ex US High Dividend Yield Hedged Equity ETFHDAWC--Europe11fund risk0%
Schwab International Small-Cap Equity ETFSCHCD--International Large Cap - Growth11fund risk0.21%
Diversified Return International Equity ETFJPINC--International Large Cap - Growth12fund risk0%
Schwab International Equity ETFSCHFB--International Large Cap12fund risk0.09%
Schwab Fundamental International Large Company IndexFNDFB--International Large Cap12fund risk0.32%
John Hancock Exchange-Traded Fund Trust John Hancock Multifactor DevelopedJHMDB--International Large Cap12fund risk0%
IQ 50 Percent Hedged FTSE International ETFHFXIA--International Large Cap12fund risk0%
Oppenheimer Revenue Weighted ETF Trust Oppenheimer Global ESG Revenue ETFESGFA--International Large Cap12fund risk0%
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI EMU Hedged Equity ETFDBEZC--International Large Cap - Growth12fund risk0%
PowerShares S&P Emerging Markets Low Volatility PortfolioEELVA--Emerging Markets12fund risk0.29%
ALPS International Sector Div Dogs ETFIDOGC--International Large Cap12fund risk0%
JPMorgan Diversified Return Europe Equity ETFJPEUC--Europe12fund risk0%
Guggenheim S&P High Income Infrastructure ETFGHIIB--International Large Cap12fund risk0%
WisdomTree Global ex-U.S. Growth FundDNLD--International Large Cap - Growth12fund risk0.58%
SPDR MSCI ACWI ex-US ETFCWID--International Large Cap - Growth12fund risk0.34%
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI EAFE High Dividend Yield Hedged Equity ETFHDEFD--Europe12fund risk0%
PowerShares DWA Developed Markets Momentum PortfolioPIZC--International Large Cap - Growth13fund risk0.81%
SPDR STOXX Europe 50 ETFFEUB--Europe13fund risk0.29%
IQ Global Agribusiness Small Cap ETFCROPF--International Large Cap - Growth13fund risk0.75%
Guggenheim Frontier Markets ETFFRND--Emerging Markets13fund risk0.71%
SPDR EURO STOXX Small Cap ETFSMEZD--Europe13fund risk0%
Guggenheim International Multi-Asset Income ETFHGIA--Emerging Markets13fund risk0.7%
WisdomTree Germany Hedged Equity FundDXGED--International Large Cap - Growth13fund risk0%
Deutsche X-trackers Japan JPX-Nikkei 400 Equity ETFJPNC--Japan13fund risk0%
SPDR S&P Emerging Markets SmallCap ETFEWXD--Emerging Markets14fund risk0.65%
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI Germany Hedged Equity FundDBGRD--International Large Cap - Growth14fund risk0.47%
Guggenheim MSCI Emerging Markets Equal Weight ETFEWEMF--International Large Cap - Growth14fund risk0.6%
ALPS Emerging Sector Dividend Dogs ETFEDOGD--Emerging Markets14fund risk0%
SPDR MSCI Emerging Markets Quality Mix ETFQEMMA--Emerging Markets15fund risk0%
Deutsche X-trackers MSCI Emerging Markets Hedged Equity FundDBEMA--Emerging Markets15fund risk0.65%
SPDR S&P Global Natural Resources ETFGNRA--International Large Cap - Value15fund risk0.4%
WisdomTree Japan Hedged Dividend Growth FundJHDGA--Japan15fund risk0%
PowerShares FTSE RAFI Asia Pacific ex-Japan PortfolioPAFD--Pacific15fund risk0.51%
IQ 50 Percent Hedged FTSE Japan ETFHFXJA--Japan16fund risk0%
Deutsche X-trackers FTSE Emerging Comprehensive Factor ETFDEMGC--Emerging Markets16fund risk0%
JPMorgan Diversified Return Emerging Markets Equity ETFJPEMA--Emerging Markets16fund risk0%
John Hancock Multifactor Materials ETFJHMAB--Europe16fund risk0%
WisdomTree Emerging Markets Dividend Growth FundDGREB--Emerging Markets16fund risk0%
PowerShares India PortfolioPINB--Emerging Markets16fund risk0.82%
WisdomTree Japan Hedged SmallCap Equity FundDXJSB--Japan16fund risk0%
SPDR S&P Emerging Asia Pacific ETFGMFA--Emerging Markets16fund risk0.59%
SPDR S&P North American Natural Resources ETFNANRA--International Large Cap - Value16fund risk0%
Schwab Fundamental Emerging Markets Large Company Index ETFFNDEA--Emerging Markets17fund risk0.46%
Guggenheim BRIC ETFEEBA--Emerging Markets17fund risk0.64%
SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend ETFEDIVA--Emerging Markets17fund risk0.6%
Schwab Emerging Markets Equity ETFSCHEA--Emerging Markets18fund risk0.15%
WisdomTree Emerging Markets ex-State-Owned Enterprises FundXSOEB--Emerging Markets18fund risk0%
Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETFBOTZC--Pacific18fund risk0%
PowerShares DWA Emerging Markets Momentum PortfolioPIEC--Emerging Markets19fund risk0.91%
IQ Hedge Market Neutral Tracker ETFQMNC--Pacific2fund risk0.75%
Deutsche X-trackers Harvest MSCI All China Equity ETFCND--Emerging Markets22fund risk0%
SPDR S&P China ETFGXCB--Emerging Markets22fund risk0.59%
ETFS Physical Palladium SharesPALLA--Pacific23fund risk0.6%
Deutsche X-trackers Harvest CSI 300 China A-Shares FundASHRF--Emerging Markets24fund risk0%
Guggenheim China Technology ETFCQQQF--Emerging Markets26fund risk0.7%
WisdomTree Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Zero Duration FundAGZDB--Japan3fund risk0%
CurrencyShares Euro TrustFXED--Europe7fund risk0.41%
CurrencyShares Canadian Dollar TrustFXCC--Pacific ex-Japan7fund risk0.41%
CurrencyShares British Pound Sterling TrustFXBD--Europe8fund risk0.41%
SPDR Barclays Emerging Markets Local Bond ETFEBNDF--Emerging Markets8fund risk0.5%
CurrencyShares Australian Dollar TrustFXAF--Pacific ex-Japan8fund risk0.41%
JPMorgan Diversified Return Europe Currency Hedged ETFJPEHBInternational Large Cap - Growth8fund risk0%
PowerShares S&P International Developed Low Volatility PortfolioIDLVB--International Large Cap9fund risk0.25%
IQ Global Resources ETFGRESC--International Large Cap9fund risk0.75%
SPDR SSgA Multi-Asset Real Return ETFRLYA--Europe9fund risk0.25%
CurrencyShares Swedish Krona TrustFXSF--Europe10fund risk0.4%
SPDR S&P International Dividend ETFDWXD--International Large Cap10fund risk0.45%
SPDR Barclays Investment Grade Floating Rate ETFFLRNC+U.S. Cash / Money Market1fund risk0.15%
Schwab Short-Term U.S. Treasury ETFSCHOCU.S. Treasury - Short1fund risk0.08%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2019 Corporate Bond ETFBSCJBU.S. Treasury - Short1fund risk0.25%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2020 Corporate Bond ETFBSCKB-Bond - Multi Sector1fund risk0.25%
SPDR Nuveen Barclays Short Term Municipal Bond ETFSHMCBond - U.S. Municipals1fund risk0.2%
WisdomTree Bloomberg Floating Rate Treasury FundUSFRB-Bond - Multi Sector2fund risk0%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2021 Corporate Bond ETFBSCLCU.S. Treasury - Short / Intermediate2fund risk0.24%
PowerShares Senior Loan PortfolioBKLNB+Bond - U.S. High Yield2fund risk0.65%
WT Brcls Yld US ShsSHAGCU.S. Treasury - Short / Intermediate2fund risk0%
SPDR Russell 1000 Yield Focus ETFONEYF+Bond - U.S. High Yield14fund risk0%
PIMCO 25+ Year Zero Coupon U.S. Treasury Index Exchange-Traded FundZROZC-U.S. Treasury - Long14fund risk0.16%
PowerShares Multi-Strategy Alternative PortfolioLALTD-Bond - Multi Sector16fund risk0%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2022 Corporate Bond ETFBSCMCU.S. Treasury - Short / Intermediate2fund risk0.25%
Schwab U.S. Aggregate Bond ETFSCHZC-U.S. Treasury - Intermediate / Long2fund risk0.08%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2023 Corporate Bond ETFBSCNCU.S. Treasury - Short / Intermediate2fund risk0%
PowerShares Global Short Term High Yield Bond PortfolioPGHYC+Bond - U.S. High Yield3fund risk0.35%
Schwab Intermediate-Term U.S. Treasury ETFSCHRCU.S. Treasury - Short / Intermediate3fund risk0.1%
SPDR Nuveen Barclays Municipal Bond ETFTFICBond - U.S. Municipals3fund risk0.23%
WisdomTree Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Enhanced Yield FundAGGYCBond - U.S. Corporate3fund risk0%
Schwab U.S. TIPs ETFSCHPCU.S. Treasury - TIPS3fund risk0.12%
PowerShares Variable Rate Preferred PortfolioVRPC+Bond - U.S. High Yield3fund risk0%
PIMCO Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index Exchange-Traded FundCORPCBond - U.S. Corporate3fund risk0.2%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2024 Corporate Bond ETFBSCOCU.S. Treasury - Intermediate3fund risk0%
Guggenheim BulletShares 2025 Corporate Bond ETFBSCPCBond - U.S. Corporate3fund risk0%
SPDR Nuveen S&P High Yield Municipal Bond ETFHYMBBBond - U.S. Municipals3fund risk0.45%
IQ Enhanced Core Plus Bond U.S. ETFAGGPCBond - U.S. Corporate3fund risk0%
Guggenheim Bullet Shares 2026 Corporate BD ETFBSCQCBond - U.S. Corporate4fund risk0%
IndexIQ ETF Trust IQ S&P High Yield Low Volatility Bond ETFHYLVD+Bond - U.S. High Yield4fund risk0%
IQ Enhanced Core Bond U.S. ETFAGGEC-U.S. Treasury - Intermediate / Long4fund risk0%
SPDR BofA Merrill Lynch Crossover Corporate Bond ETFCJNKD+Bond - U.S. High Yield4fund risk0%
Deutsche X-trackers Municipal Infrastructure Revenue Bond FundRVNUCBond - U.S. Municipals5fund risk0.3%
PowerShares Emerging Markets Sovereign Debt PortfolioPCYC-Bond - Emerging Market5fund risk0.5%
CurrencyShares Japanese Yen TrustFXYDU.S. Treasury - Short / Intermediate7fund risk0.39%
SPDR Prt Lng Tr ShsSPTLC-U.S. Treasury - Long9fund risk0%
SPDR MSCI Canada Quality Mix ETFQCAN Other0fund risk0%
SPDR MSCI Germany Quality Mix ETFQDEU Other0fund risk0%
SPDR MSCI United Kingdom Quality Mix ETFQGBR Other0fund risk0%
SPDR MSCI Japan Quality Mix ETFQJPN Other0fund risk0%
IQ Chaikin U.S. Large Cap ETFCLRG Other0fund risk0%
JH Multi Sml Cp ShsJHSC Other0fund risk0%
PIMCO Eqty Ser Shs RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor Intl Equity FundMFDX Other0fund risk0%
PIMCO Eqty Ser Shs RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor Emerging Mkts Equity FundMFEM Other0fund risk0%
PIMCO Eqty Ser Shs RAFI Dynamic Multi-Factor US Equity FundMFUS Other0fund risk0%
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