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401k, 403b plan

Shire Pharmaceuticals Inc. 401(K) Savings Plan

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Aggressive Portfolio Objective
Focus on aggressive growth over time, where higher risk means higher returns, while maintaining a good level of diversification.

Portfolio Allocation (as of 3/31/2021)
NameTickerRatingCategory% AllocatedRisk (%)BetaFees
S&P 500 Equity IndexCU.S. Equities - Blend63%200.950.09%
Small Cap FundC++U.S. Equities - Blend16%271.170.08%
Target Retirement 2045 FundCU.S. Equities - Blend11%170.80.19%
Target Retirement 2050 FundCU.S. Equities - Blend10%170.80.19%
Total Portfolio   100%120.950.11%
The recommended portfolio allocation shown above corresponds to the most recent rebalancing.
You can view the history of this portfolio's allocations.

Portfolio Risk & Return Metrics
Portfolio Risk
portfolio risk
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Portfolio Risk profile

This section shows your portfolio risk and a comparative scale of the typical risk level of several investment strategies so you know where you stand relative to the market. The risk is expressed in percentage, between 0% (no risk at all) to potentially more than 100% (extremely risky). Don't be fooled by the scale: 30% risk historically corresponds to a lot of risk...

While calculating the risk of an individual stock or bond is quite easy, calculating the risk of a portfolio comprised of several of such stocks and bonds can be quite difficult. The reason for this is that the risk of a portfolio of securities is not equal to the average of the risk of each individual securities. Rather, it is a subtle mix of their risk and correlation.

To calculate your portfolio risk, Kivalia uses a proprietary algorithm that employs the well established principles of the Modern Portfolio Theory. The very same type of risk modeling used by the professional investment management firms in their portfolio construction, analysis and rebalancing process.

POTENTIAL GAIN & LOSS gain loss help help
Your portfolio's risk of 12% means that there is a 90% chance within a year that a portfolio beginning with $10,000 is likely to end up somewhere between:
portfolio gain loss
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Portfolio Potential Gain & Loss

Investing is about risk and return. Every investment comes with the possibility of a gain or a loss, and because risk is the measure of the magnitude of the fluctuation in your investment value, there is a direct correlation between your level of risk and how much you possibly can gain - or lose - with the investment.Commonly, we say that the higher the risk, the higher the possibility of larger gains, but similarly, the higher the possibility for large losses.

Given the risk calculated for your portfolio, this section shows the likelihood of the fluctuation of your portfolio value within a year. It shows your current balance, as well as the likely ranges within wich your balance is to fluctuate within the year.

Diversification portfolio diversification 62%

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Diversification & Styles

Diversification is finance-speak for "don't put all your eggs in the same basket".

Along with understanding your risk, diversificatiion is one of the most important aspect of your investing strategy. Diversification is a technique that mixes a wide variety of investments and investment types within a portfolio.

To calculate your diversification, we look for:

  • How many stocks, bonds, etc... you invest in
  • How all these correlate (move with respect) to each other

 Your diversification is expressed in percentage, from 0% (poor diversification) to 100% (very good diversification).

Style analysis provides you an idea of the investment style essentially by comparing the returns of this portfolio against the returns of 30 varying indices. It provides you with a better idea on what drives the performance of this portfolio.

PORTFOLIO RETURN portfolio return help
(since 3/31/2021)
1 Year
(since 7/16/2023)
Since Inception
(since 3/30/2015)
PortfolioNaN%NaN% NaN%
Target-Date 2050NaN%NaN%NaN%
DifferenceNaN%NaN% NaN%
Risk-Adjusted ReturnsQuarter-to-date
(since 3/31/2021)
1 Year
(since 7/16/2023)
Since Inception
(since 3/30/2015)
Portfolio NaN% NaN% NaN%
Target-Date 2050 NaN% NaN% NaN%
Difference NaN% NaN% NaN%
The returns numbers shown account for the model's periodic rebalancing.
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Portfolio Return

This section shows the year-to-date, last 12 months and since inception model portfolio performance. It also shows how the model portfolio performed compared to a selected representative target-date retirement fund:
  • Conservative portfolio: Vanguard Target-Date 2020
  • Moderate portfolio: Vanguard Target-Date 2030
  • Aggressive portfolio: Vanguard Target-Date 2050
Kivalia provides a refined returns value by showing the portfolio risk-adjusted return. These return values took into account the amount of risk involved in getting the return. Risk-adjusted returns will help reveal whether a return was obtained by smart investing or by taking excessive risk.

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