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RECOMMENDED ALLOCATIONS (as of 3/31/2021) portfolio allocation help

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Portfolio Allocations

The portfolio allocations section shows the percentage weights of each asset selected in the portfolio construction process. These assets with its corresponding weights are the information you use to invest your retirement contributions.

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Portfolio Returns

Kivalia provides a refined returns value by showing the portfolio risk-adjusted return. These return values took into account the amount of risk involved in getting the return. Risk-adjusted returns will help reveal whether a return was obtained by smart investing or by taking excessive risk.

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Target-Date Fund Comparison

Target Date Funds are very popular in today's retirement plans, because of their diversification in asset classes and their implied risk tolerance. They often also are the default choice for investors. At Kivalia we believe we can deliver additional return above and beyond the passive and default target-date funds, and it seems natural to compare our returns to them. Specifically, we have chosen:

  • Vanguard Target Date 2020 with its relatively high investment in bonds is a good comparison to the generally lower risk conservative model portfolio.
  • Vanguard Target Date 2030 with its relatively balanced investment in bonds and equities is a good comparison to the moderate model portfolio.
  • Vanguard Target Date 2050 with its relatively high investment in equities is a good comparison to the generally higher risk aggressive model portfolio.
We will evaluate the Target Date Funds on a regular basis to make sure they remain good comparisons for our model portfolios.
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Risk & Diversification

This section shows your portfolio risk and a comparative scale of the typical risk level of several investment strategies so you know where you stand relative to the market. The risk is expressed in percentage, between 0% (no risk at all) to potentially more than 100% (extremely risky).

Your diversification is expressed in percentage, from 0% (poor diversification) to 100% (very good diversification).

Style analysis provides you an idea of the investment style essentially by comparing the returns of this portfolio against the returns of 30 varying indices. It provides you with a better idea on what drives the performance of this portfolio.

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Following Plans

Following a plan allows you to:
  • Access the plan directly from your profile page
  • Receive e-mail alerts when the plan is rebalanced, or changed
  • Make modifications and contribute to the plan information
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